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Superstition mountains

Night seen of Superstition mountain in front of Lost dutchman state park.

Arizona is home to some of my most favorite places that I have ver traveled. High on the list of favorites for Arizona are the Superstition mountains. Quite on odd name for a mountain range isn't it? Supposedly named after the Lost Dutchman's gold, this mountain is home to a few ghost towns and mining operations. Within the range of mountains is Canyon lake which is a beautiful body of water surrounded by vertical faces of rock that shoot out of the water. Canyon Lake is a popular spot for water activities during the hot months of summer. On my next trip out, I plan to venture further into the range on some unmaintained roads and get the full affect of these amazing mountains. Mountain goats are commonly seen as well as various types of lizards.

Over looking a valley from the top of a mountain I climbed.

Canyon lake

Over looking Canyon Lake from a mountain I climbed

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