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The Georgia traverse

The beginning of our expedition into three national parks and three state parks included stops at waterfalls and trails littered along our route. This trip took course over the first weekend of Brevard's fall break. The Georgia traverse is a 390 mile unpaved route that cuts through multiple national and state forests such as the Nantahala and Chattahoochee. We managed to stay out of the confinements of service for our four day adventure. Unfortunately it did rain the first two mornings around 4:00am, this caused us to have wet firewood and soaked tents which weren't too much of a problem considering the days were sunny and dry. Ben and I plan on returning and continuing on this route as we only covered the first 20 miles or so. When we decide to go again, an updated post will be made. For now, enjoy some of the images produced during our time in the woods.

Exploring an unmarked trail which lead to a WWI cemetery.

Cloudless skies away from light pollution make for great photo opportunities and excellent campfires.

campsite on night 3



This little guy decided he wanted to hang out on the cooler with us.

Campfire, night 2

Bumbler doing his thing in a field.

Benny boy enjoying his first off-road camping trip.

Camp fire, night 2

The giving plant

Whitewater falls

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