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four sisters listen in on our message

A young girl dances in the street.

group prayer

A boy showcasing is soccer moves and playing Panna. Panna is a game where you try to get the ball between the opponents legs.

A boy listens intently as we speak

The children listen to the group prayer and raise their hands if they can relate to what we are saying.

This summer I got the chance to visit Central America on a missions trip with my senior class. We were located in Managua, Nicaragua for 10 days. In this time we were able to work along the side of Castillo del Rey and learn seven songs and dances as well as four skits. This entertainment would be later used in front of local churches and street performances. The songs and skits were tailored to younger kids and encouraged them to follow God in all they do. It was such an amazing experience to see how much joy these kids had despite their living conditions and home life. Many of them lack a father and reside in dirt floor homes with little to nothing for food. Most of the time the older siblings acted as the parent figure as the parents were usually out trying to make money for the family. What really struck me the most was how they all had smart phones. Granted they were not the latest and greatest models but it's still shocking. The people are really nice but aren't spending the money they make wisely, but that is my own opinion. All in all it was a spectacular trip and very influential. It has left a permanent impact on my life.

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