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Wild Wild West

These pictures were captured at or around the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I will be visiting Arizona again on the 15th, which is tomorrow. Arizona is one of my most favorite states I have visited. There are all sorts of things to see and do revolving around the outdoors. From the snow capped mountains of flagstaff, to120+ degree weather of the desert, you should never be bored. That weekend Jewels and I are were on our way to the North rim of the canyon. We left around 3:00pm and thought we could make it all the way there in one night. I feel like we absolutely could have made it except for the fact that the North rim was still closed due to winter weather. We didn't realize this until we were about one and a half hours away. At that point we were too far to turn around to a different camp site and it was not worth driving to the North rim so we camped along a deserted produce stand pull off. I'm glad that the misfortune happened because it made for a very beautiful evening and a great experience. Stars were abundant and the moon was full. The highway was eerily silent except for maybe four vehicles throughout the whole night (We found out later that it was because the North rim was closed and that it is pretty much the only use of the road we where on). The next morning we woke up around 5:30am, partly due to the fact it was freezing cold and that we had another significant drive ahead of us. I encourage everyone to make the trip the Grand Canyon, regardless of whether or not you are a nature person, you can appreciate the power the canyon holds.

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